10 Things


It's a new year (yeah okay it's March already but whatever) and I have fresh new goals for myself and my photography business. I have tended to shy away from sharing personal posts and being the scenes but I thought this year I would branch out and share the occasional bit of personal here and there through blogging and instagram. Today I'm sharing a little shot of my editing workspace I took when photographing some product shots for one of my favorite candle companies (if you're my bride or future bride you might know my custom candle in your wedding packages...they're the ones who make them!). That Freshly Brewed candle smells SO SO SO good too. I'm actually in the process of re-doing my office/studio space while I prepare for spring bridals so I'll have to share an updated photos soon!


Back to some bits of personal stuff. I was thinking today I would share 10 things you may not know about me although admittedly you may not know hardly anything at all about me besides being a photographer because I usually don't put that much out there. So here goes:


  1. I have a really weird texture thing where I can't use wooden spoons. I actually get goosebumps everywhere and it makes me feel sick to my stomach touching a wooden spoon or some unfinished wood products like that. Everyone around me things it's just funny but I wish I didn't have such a reaction.
  2. I have three sisters and two brothers...and I'm the oldest sibling and I miss them back in Texas all the time.
  3. I LOVE coffee. Well that's not really that much of a secret but I did used to manage a coffee shop in college and it was a dream job at the time.
  4. If I could stop everything and visit my dream place it would be Paris. I'm dying to go to Paris. I would take Italy, Spain, England...I'm really not terribly picky but Paris would be my ultimate dream. I'm huge into traveling. I've traveled from coast to coast in the states but I've only been out of the country once to South America and I would love to fulfill my European dreams.
  5. My favorite all-time movie is Pride and Prejudice the 2005 version (although the Colin Firth one is good too) with Keira Knightly. I legit watch it once a month. I own it on DVD, iTunes and can probably quote the entire thing. It inspires me daily and so does everything Jane Austen.
  6. Speaking of movies I cannot for the life of me just sit still and watch TV or movies so please note that while I'm "watching" a movie I'm actually doing something like editing, knitting, anything productive at all. I just can't handle sitting still unless I watch movies in the movie theater.
  7. I love to cook. I grew up in a house where cooking was a gathered event and I loved doing that with my family. I love teaching my daughter Penelope how to cook too. I can't wait until she's old enough to take it on herself.
  8. My favorite stores are Anthropologie, Target (duh), vintage shops, any cool local boutique and ASOS (which isn't a store I've been into but I frequent the online store often).
  9. I have lived in 5 states (Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Hampshire on the Mass/New Hampshire border right outside of Boston and Arkansas).
  10. I'm a plant killer. Well like plant murderer. If you want your plans to die...just send them my way. This is an ironic statement because I'm OBSESSED with flowers. I could live surrounded by fresh flowers. How to keep them alive? You got me.


I just thought it would be fun to share 10 non-photography things about myself for fun today!! Hope you guys loved it! Please also tell me there's someone else out there who can't handle wooden spoons so I don't feel like the only weirdo.