What to Wear to your Engagement Session - Tips for your Engagement Session

I think ‘what do I wear to my engagement session’ is one of my most asked questions as a wedding and engagement session photographer. I wanted to put together an article that was as helpful as possible for any couples out there trying to figure out what will photograph best. So below I’m going to include beautiful photos of my couples that chose some outfits that photographed so well, represented their style and made them feel good. I’m going to also include the tips and tricks that I give all my couples that ask as well as a link to my engagement session Pinterest board for TONS of ideas! So here we go! Keep scrolling below to see all the good stuff.

Here is the tips and information I give all my couples for their session below. I include a link to my Pinterest board that has tons and tons of ideas, looks and locations from all over and all kinds of sessions.


Tips for your engagement session:

- many colors look amazing on cameras, some of my personal favorites are jewel tones, soft pastel colors, softer muted tons of colors, neutrals but if you love color do a fun pop of color just watch out for neons

- if you're able avoid wearing neon colors, super super bright coral pink or bright Christmas red...brighter bold warm colors reflect colors right back onto your skin and jawline that cannot be edited out. Colors are great so don’t be afraid just not the extreme neon color variations.

- long flowy fabrics are really beautiful on camera, textures, tones, consider layers, beautiful fabrics, structured dresses and tops - rompers and jumpsuits are so cute - bring a hat or a bouquet of flowers if you want to add a little something extra

- for guys button downs and nice pants photograph best, they can change it up by adding a blazer, sweater, etc if that's their style

- if you're able try to avoid work boots or older tennis shoes...any other kinds of shoes are great just maybe not the tennis shoes you'd mow the lawn or work out in

- polo shirts don't photograph as well as the fabric tends to look a little sloppy on camera but button downs and plain t-shirts are great - other ideas are sweaters, henley t-shirts, blazers or vests

- your photographer will more than likely take photos of your hands if you’re engaged to show off the ring so it’s best to keep your hands tidy and clean and even get your nails done if you’d like (remind the guys too! his hands will be in the photos as well)

- I do recommend professional hair and makeup if you’re able because there is a way that hair and makeup artist apply makeup and fix your hair for camera that you cannot replicate unless you are a professional…they understand what translates well on camera more than we can see with our natural eye - you more than likely only do an engagement session once so it’s an investment you will absolutely love - even if you don’t normally wear makeup or much at all just trust me on this one…this is one thing I wouldn’t skip out on because you’ll have these photos forever and you want to look your best and they know how to apply makeup light and easy or more dramatic that is best for your style and to look great on camera - you can do simple loose curls, straight or an actual hair style - totally up to you!

- For guys, (thanks to my husband who pointed this out) it’s best to get a trim or a fresh hair cut a few days before your session and if you have facial hair…it’s a good idea to get that trimmed and fresh for your photos too

- I personally give my couples up to 2-3 outfit changes and we photograph a session for up to two hours - all photographers vary but I love to give them options

- I try to choose two nearby locations that flow with my couples outfits unless they have a special location chosen for them

- I love to say do one casual outfit, a date night outfit and if you're feeling like you'd like to go all out you can do a dressier outfit like something you'd wear as a guest to a wedding to give your photos variety - you never know what will photograph best on you so options are always a good idea

-think about whats on your wrists and do you want to have an Apple Watch in all your photos or a Fitbit? Maybe select a classic watch or no watch at all for guys and watch for rubber bands on wrists and jewelry for women

More tips for you for your session!

- Try on your outfits and take some iPhone photos to see how they look on your phone camera first and see if you love how you look in them

- don’t get a spray tan too close to your session or you may have orange hands, elbows and streaks …you may also look too orange in your photos in general so I always say it’s best to get one a few days before your session if you’re able rather than the day before

- bring some champagne or wine to sip on during your session - mix it up and have picnic or bring a charcuterie board

- consider the entire vibe of your session and if your outfits will make sense in their location - you may not wear a full on suit and super high heels on a rough mountain top but maybe something a little dressier could be cute on a pathway to a pretty location - are you doing a downtown look? Maybe think of an outfit thats something you’d wear on a date night or a dressy outfit - are you on a boat? Maybe wear something classy but casual

- think of your season and your vibe

- if you’re warm and cozy and have warm personalities wear sweaters and jeans and pick cozy locations

- if you like warm tones wear warm tones and think of complimenting locations

- if you love cool fresh colors and pastels wear those! Wear colors you know look great on your skin and compliment each other

- don’t be afraid to be extra dressy if you like that and bring a fresh bouquet for fun with your dressy outfit

More tips!!


- Don’t wear an outfit that doesn’t represent you or that you don’t feel comfortable in - make sure your outfit fits well, isn’t too short or too tight so you don’t feel uncomfortable

- If you’re fun, then wear a fun bright print, if you’re cool and relaxed wear some cute cool outfits, don’t feel you have to be romantic and classic if you aren’t like that in your normal life

- you want to look back at your photos and feel like they don’t look like you!

- wear patterns and stripes and prints if you’d like

- be careful with tiny checkered prints and stripes as they can cause banding in photos so opt for large prints if you’re able

I hope you love these ideas and they they are helpful to you! Leave a comment if you have more ideas or thoughts on engagement session outfits and ideas.

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