Tips for your Wedding Day Hair and Makeup from Jessica Humerick

Who are you and what is your business name? What do you offer for brides?

Herrow I'm Jessica Humerick and I offer my brides luxury makeup artistry. I have curated the best and my personal favorite cosmetics in the industry in my kit. I am so passionate about my craft and am obsessed with love stories. Prepare to make friends! 

What is your specialty within your business? 

SKIN. That is my number one priority! I love brides looking fresh, youthful, radiant! I want to reflect the happiness that's underneath the surface of the skin: and display it! Creating beautiful, glowing skin is what I'm known for: and the more important aspect of a flawless makeup application.

How long have you been doing makeup?

 I've been in the industry since I was 19 years old (which is crazy to think about! haha) With well over a decade doing artistry: I continue to broaden my passion for it through everyone I meet.

What are your favorite kind of makeup styes to do? 

It depends on my client's personality! I can usually assess someone's makeup style within a couple minutes into our conversation. My favorite is when I sense what my brides want: and show them a spin: personalize it for them. I love makeup that looks like YOU. There's no one else online, on pinterest,etc that a loved one is completely enamored with. They chose you.  I love showing my brides the very best version found within themselves.

What is your process when you schedule makeup with a bride? What should a bride know if they are booking you? 

When a bride connects with my work: she can contact me via email, or directly to have a conversation. I love to talk weddings, inspirations! A bride should know if they're booking with me, they are making a friend. That I'm just chill, dorky and informal. 

For a bride, should they come in and have a makeup trial? 

That's totally up to them! I always encourage a bride trial so I can assess skin type and we can chat and get familiar before the big day! I love creating a bond with my brides prior!

What are your top three tips for a bride regarding their makeup? 

1.Exfoliate and moisturize. HYDRATE. 

2. DON'T compare yourself with other brides/models that you find online. Come in with a blank canvas and let's see the beauty we create together.

3. Leave your prior makeup routines at the door. Put your trust in me as your artist. This is a process we are doing together and let yourself be seen from an outside perspective. My goal is to make sure you look like YOU, I'm just here to bring that out. 

What are your inspirations? Any artists or things that inspire you the most? Architecture, interior design, novels. My nose is always in a book. Which is why I always love to hear my brides's love story. Just happy to be a small part of it. 

Please go check out the amazing Jessica Humerick!

Erin Wilson