Emily and Grayson Part 2 // Northwest Arkansas Engagement Session

Finally getting blog part two of Emily and Grayson's engagement session. We took all of their photos in Fayetteville either on campus or at a hidden little nature spot I found. I loved getting to hang out with them more (after I stalked them at a wedding I photographed). So if you didn't know (which you may not) I met Emily through one of my bride's Melissa at her wedding. Emily was a bridesmaid and I thought she looked like Joanna Gains (who I'm obsessed with) so I stalked her on my instagram stories and then later she actually got engaged and asked me to be her wedding photographer. SO I know my new marketing plan is to stalk all the bridesmaids from now on. ha! But really they are SO sweet and I loved getting to know them more. I'm SO excited for their wedding because I get to document their big day and meet all their friends and family and see two of my past brides. It's going to be so fun! 

Clothing - Paperwhite

MUAH - Crown Beauty Bar

Erin Wilson