The Farmhouse Texas Wedding // Kristina and Kevin

So this blog post is a super special post because this wedding is my sister's wedding!! Before she ever met Kevin, her now husband, I told her that I would love to gift her with wedding photography whenever she meets 'the one.' Before I knew it she had really met him and our entire family was so excited. My sister Kristina is one of the most amazing human beings I've ever known. I'm not just saying that because she's my's really true if you've ever met her. I'm the oldest of four siblings on my mom's side (I have two more on my dad's side) and Kristina is just a few years younger than I am and we have two younger siblings (Kate and Michael). We were all SO happy when she started dating Kevin and we knew by the way she talked about him that he was the guy she was going to marry. When I met him for the first time I knew by how comfortable she was around him and how funny he was that he was a perfect fit for her.

Kristina and Kevin's wedding day is a super unique kind of wedding to photograph because I'm her older sister. This meant that I was there early in the day setting up (literally placing candles on tables and honey jar favors) AND photographing it. It was way more than my normal wedding day and I was getting anxious for everything to be finished on time. Kristina let me help design and plan her wedding with her ...she showed me what she liked and I brought together some ideas for her and she chose her favorites. I give major props to all wedding planners out guys are amazing and do SO much work! It was really a true family collaboration to bring their wedding day dreams to life. When Kristina had the chance to see her wedding venue, The Farmhouse, completely finished she was teary eyed because it was everything she had dreamed of. We started off the wedding festivities with her and Kevin's first look and they were all smiles and just so sweet. I was teary eyed from behind my camera too. We took all the photos we could beforehand and noticed some clouds rolling in. They had their sweet (and funny) ceremony inside The Farmhouse's chapel and said forever. It was really sweet to have Kirk a long time family friend, mentor, teacher to all of my siblings and myself marry her and Kevin. Kevin jumped the gun on some vows and we were all dying laughing. He's the best. There was a small cocktail hour while we finished up photos and just as we stepped inside for the reception it poured down raining. It was amazing how that timing worked out. They all ate some yummy southern food and I even sat down at their wedding for like 20 minutes. haha. It doesn't happen often. They had toasts and an ice cream sunday bar (because Kristina and Kevin love ice cream...if you can't tell by her face). They sang/yelled the Aggie Fight song and there was some fun dancing and they said good bye to all of our friend and family and headed off to their honeymoon. I love these two so much and I'm SO happy for them.

It was amazing to be on this side of weddings to be a part of it more than just the photographer and here how the photography effected them. Kristina told me after their engagement session that it was 'everything she had ever dreamed of' when she thought of her engagement session. I never thought about that ...the fact that these are small moments in life you even imagine how it would go. My husband and I didn't do an engagement session so I never thought about that part but now that I have heard her perspective it changed my thoughts on it for even more of the better! She also admitted that this past summer while she was out of school on summer break that she would get a little bored and she would just sit there and look at all her wedding photos over and over again. She's so precious!

Here are all her amazing vendors...super huge special thank you to Anna Rogers from Magnolia Belle Floral for coming all the way down from Arkansas to Houston Texas to be a big part of Kristina's day. We know that the day wouldn't look even close to the way it looked without your amazing floral design and giving heart. Another huge thank you to Emily Joiner (our sister-in-law) who did all the hand calligraphy on name cards, tags, programs and that beautiful cake table tapestry. She helped SO much all while hiding the fact that she was newly pregnant with TWINS. She's amazing. (they announced the pregnancy and twins two days after the wedding as to not take away from Kristina and Kevin's special time and we love them and think they are so selfless and amazing for all they day). Last but not least we have to thank our incredible parents for throwing such a beautiful amazing day for our sister Kristina and being a great example of marriage for all of us. They're the cute couple that don't look old enough to be our parents but they are...hope I get that gene as I get older. ha.

Venue - The Farmhouse

Photography - Erin Wilson Photography

Second Shooter - Angela Sostarich

Florals - Magnolia Belle Floral

Dress - Weddings by Debbie

Cake - Dolce Designs

Calligraphy and Tapestry - Emily Joiner 

MUAH - Updo Gypsy